Course Tour

Youche Country Club Flyover Footage

Take an aerial tour of Youche Country Club, Northwest Indiana's premier golf and social club, complete with stunning views of our championship layout.


Hole 1

Blue: 521 | White: 507 | Green: 494 | Red: 401

Handicap: 9

The Par 5 first hole is a challenging starting hole for any skilled golfer. For a better angle to lay up, your tee shot should favor the left side to stay out of trouble. Your approach into the green needs to be accurate with water guarding both the right and left sides of the green.


Hole 2

Blue: 179 | White: 152 | Green: 140 | Red: 116

Handicap: 13

The Par 3 second hole plays uphill. The deeper the pin is, the wider and more forgiving the green becomes. The green is bisected in the middle by a steep ridge making your club selection off the tee crucial to success.


Hole 3

Blue: 513 | White: 495 | Green: 478 | Red: 398

Handicap: 11

The Par 5 third hole is the easiest of the 4 par 5’s on the course. If you avoid the right fairway bunkers, you will have a chance to hit the green in 2. Dense trees on the left-hand side of the hole require you to keep your ball in the fairway or right rough. 3 bunkers protect this green that slopes severely from back to front.


Hole 4

Blue: 148 | White: 138 | Green: 125 | Red: 125

Handicap: 17

The Par 3 fourth hole is the shortest hole on the course. The green is protected by 2 deep bunkers and slopes from back to back. Any shot past the hole will leave a very challenging 2 putt.


Hole 5

Blue: 492 | White: 460 | Green: 444 | Red: 362

Handicap: 7

The Par 5 fifth hole is another shorter par 5 but in order to attempt to hit the green in 2, players must position their ball in a very narrow fairway guarded by bunkers and dense trees on the right and large pond on the left. The approach shot plays 1 to 2 clubs uphill to green that slopes hard from left to right and is guarded by 2 large bunkers. Missing the green to the left or long is a critical error.


Hole 6

Blue: 392 | White: 366 | Green: 347 | Red: 317

Handicap: 1

The Par 4 sixth hole is a lay-up off the tee of about 200 yards to stay short of the pond that cuts the hole in half. The second shot plays uphill and your approach must be accurate to avoid the 2 left bunkers and the stacked sod bunker on the right. This green is the most severely sloped green from back to front on the course.


Hole 7

Blue: 399 | White: 370 | Green: 363 | Red: 319

Handicap: 5

The Par 4 seventh hole is a dogleg right that is heavily guarded by bunkers right of the fairway. Don't let the distance of those bunkers fool you as only the longest of hitters can carry the bunkers and shorten the hole. The approach into the green is tricky with any ball missing the green right to most likely bounce out of bounds.


Hole 8

Blue: 381 | White: 365 | Green: 357 | Red: 273

Handicap: 3

The Par 4 eighth hole is a dogleg left with a fairway bunker lurking on the right where the dogleg begins. Any miss of the fairway will result in a difficult approach into the green due to dense trees on both the right and left of the fairway. The green is protected by large bunkers on each side.


Hole 9

Blue: 172 | White: 162 | Green: 143 | Red: 143

Handicap: 15

The Par 3 ninth hole boasts the smallest green on the course. Bunkers on both sides of the green will catch any errant tee shot. If you are going to miss the green, a miss short is your best chance for par.


Hole 10

Blue: 359 | White: 340 | Green: 333 | Red: 272

Handicap: 16

The Par 4 tenth hole is the shortest par 4 on the course. The fairway slopes from right to left so keep your tee shot on the right half of the fairway to avoid running into the trees on the left. Your approach shot into the green needs to be accurate to position yourself in the proper position as the green has small mounds creating the most break on the course.


Hole 11

Blue: 175 | White: 150 | Green: 141 | Red: 129

Handicap: 18

The Par 3 eleventh hole plays over water to a kidney bean shaped green. The small pot bunker right of the green will create an interesting second shot for the unlucky golfer who finds it.


Hole 12

Blue: 463 | White: 412 | Green: 392 | Red: 313

Handicap: 4

The Par 4 twelfth hole is the longest par 4 on the course. Tee shots must avoid the fairway bunker on the right. Your approach shot will find a three-tiered green protected by bunkers both left and right. Being on the correct tier will leave you with a much easier putt.


Hole 13

Blue: 441 | White: 424 | Green: 397 | Red: 326

Handicap: 8

The Par 4 thirteenth hole is a slight dogleg to the left. This is the first of 2 holes with no bunkers. The real trouble lurks on the newly built green that slopes slightly from front to back and severely from right to left. A pond just left of the green will come into play with any shot that misses the green to the left.


Hole 14

Blue: 205 | White: 185 | Green: 160 | Red: 146

Handicap: 12

The Par 3 fourteenth hole is the longest par 3 on the course. Out of bounds looms just right of the green and a miss short or to the left will find a pond or bunkers. A 3 on this hole will leave you feeling with a sense of accomplishment.


Hole 15

Blue: 386 | White: 371 | Green: 355 | Red: 287

Handicap: 14

The Par 4 fifteenth hole is the 2nd hole on the course with no bunkers. The tee shot through the shoot of trees will leave a shorter club into the green protected on the right by a pond and left with a runoff area. The trickiest green on the course with subtle breaks that will leave the best putters scratching their heads.


Hole 16

Blue: 391 | White: 349 | Green: 319 | Red: 284

Handicap: 2

The Par 4 sixteenth hole saves the challenge for your second shot into the green. After finding the generous fairway, you will be left with an approach into a green surrounded by wetlands. Any miss of more than a few yards will leave you walking to the drop area.


Hole 17

Blue: 400 | White: 382 | Green: 330 | Red: 258

Handicap: 10

The Par 4 seventeenth hole requires an accurate drive over a wetland to a fairway that is protected by a large bunker on the left and 3 pot bunkers on the right. The green is bisected by a large slope and is protected by a bunker short and right and tightly mown runoff areas long and left. Being the correct tier of the green is crucial to success.


Hole 18

Blue: 608 | White: 580 | Green: 532 | Red: 493

Handicap: 6

The Par 5 eighteenth hole is a classic risk and reward par 5. Your tee shot is over water and the more water you cut off, the shorter the hole plays. The fairway is heavily bunkered making you concentrate on your lay up shot. Once on the green, players will find multiple ridges making players think about both the speed and direction of their putts.

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